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Your salary

Your salary will be paid directly into your bank account each week. Your salary is calculated according to the number of hours you have worked and noted on your timesheet. You will receive a weekly pay slip stating your gross salary and the relevant deductions.

We outsource our salary administration to a company specialised in the administration of temporary workers salaries due to the complexities involved in this field. Consequently we have no influence over the deductions made and the tax rate.

Sending your timesheet

Please download and fill in a timesheet every week. You should complete the hours you work, excluding lunch and any other official breaks as you are not paid for these. Partial hours must be rounded up to the nearest ┬╝ hour. If you work overtime please note this on your timesheet but be aware that not all companies pay overtime.

Please ask your manager to sign your timesheet every Friday (unless you have agreed to work at the weekend) authorising the hours you have worked. We cannot process your timesheet without a signature.

Please make a copy for your manager and email a copy to us at

In order for us to process your salary in time, we need to receive your time sheet on Friday afternoon or at the latest 09.30 the following Monday. If you are not sure if your timesheet has arrived please call us to check.

Travel Expenses

If the company you are working for pays travel expenses (please note that not all companies are willing to pay travel expenses) these will be paid with your salary. Ideally you should obtain a month travel pass. You will need to photocopy your travel tickets and email us a scanned copy.

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