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What if you are ill?

If you are ill please call us before 10.00am on the first day that you are not at work. You should also inform your manager at the company where you are working as early as possible so that they are able to make arrangements to cover your absence.

The process and payments relating to sickness differ depending on what type of contract you have with us (please see below). If you are unsure what kind of contract you have please call us on 020 580 034 and speak to our administrator who will be able to advise you.

Contract with a temp clause

On the first day that you are ill we will inform the UWV, the government agency responsible for administering payments for temporary workers who are off sick. You will not be paid for the first two days of sickness (called waiting days – or, in Dutch wachtdagen). However, you receive a supplement amounting to 0.71% of your regular salary each week to cover this.

From the third day onwards you will receive sick pay (91% of your salary) as calculated by the UWV. The amount you are paid is based on your average salary over the previous 13 weeks. The UWV pays 70% of the amount and Adams contribute the remaining 21%. If you have worked for less than 13 weeks your payments will automatically be less.

Please note: The UWV pays sickness benefit monthly and it can be a few weeks before you receive your first payment. If you are sick for more than three days, the UWV or the Arbodienst may visit you at home to check on your condition. You are expected to stay at home while you are on sick leave.

On the day that you return to work after a period of sickness you are legally obliged to register yourself with the UWV before 9am. The telephone number is +31 (0)36 750 6566. There is a 24 hour answering service. A tape will play (in Dutch) asking for your BSN (Burger Service Nummer), your name, your date of birth, the name of the agency you work for, your first sick day and the day that you returned to work. If you find it difficult to understand Dutch please ask someone to assist you as it is essential that you do this.

Please could you also inform Adams that you have returned to work.

Contract without a temp clause (detachering contract)

If your contract with us is a detachering contract the UWV takes no part in the administration of sick pay. You will not be paid for the first day that you are sick. From the second day onwards Adams’ will pay 91% of your usual salary. Since Adams is responsible for paying your sick pay you need to inform Adams’ on the day that you return to work but you do not need to register with the UWV.

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