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As a temporary worker you are entitled to paid vacation days, public holidays and holiday pay.

Vacation days

If you work a standard 40 hour week then you are entitled to the equivalent of 24 paid holiday days per year. You build up reserves of pay for these vacation days. For each hour that you work, a percentage of your hourly rate is reserved to pay your holiday days. You can only be paid for holiday days from the reserves that you have accumulated. You can see clearly on your payslip how much you have reserved. If you notify us (on your timesheet) that you are taking holidays you will be paid for those days directly into your bank account. Ideally you should fill out a timesheet for your holidays (in order to request them to be paid) and fax or email this to us as normal.

It is important that your supervisor agrees to your vacation and that Adams is informed of this in a timely manner. Any excess holiday accrual that you have accumulated by the end of your contract will be paid out with your final salary payment.

Official Public Holidays

All temporary staff are entitled to payment for Dutch public holidays. If your company closes for additional days (other than the official public holidays) and you are employed under ABU regulations you are not entitled to be paid for these additional days.

Holiday Pay

As a temporary worker you are entitled to holiday pay. This holiday pay is equivalent to 8% of your annual salary. Each week this is reserved for you and you can see how much you have accumulated on your pay slip. Holiday pay is paid out in one lump sum, once per year, at the end May or the beginning of June. If your contract ends at any other time you will be paid a ‘pro rata’ sum calculated according to how many months of the year you have worked, this will be paid out with your final salary.

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