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Health Insurance

It is compulsory for everyone who lives in the Netherlands to have health insurance. You need to take out health insurance within four months of your arrival in the Netherlands (although it is advisable to do so before, or as soon as, you arrive).

You are free to choose which health insurance company you wish to use and which package you prefer to have. The level of insurance you receive depends on which package you choose.

The premium you are required to pay each month depends on the kind of package you choose. Dutch insurance companies are not allowed to refuse to insure you for the 'basic' package irrespective of your age or state of health. 

The 'basic' standard package includes:

medical care, including care provided by general practitioners, medical specialists and obstetricians;
hospital treatment;
dental care up to the age of 18;
postnatal care;
limited physiotherapy, exercise therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and dietary advice
help to stop smoking.

Besides the basic package, you may opt to take out additional insurance to cover, for example, more extensive physiotherapy or the cost of dental care for yourself or members of your family who are over 18.

If you are employed through Adams, we will contribute towards your health insurance (although this is not a compulsory employers' obligation).

If your income is under a certain amount you can apply for an 'allowance' from the tax authorities (visit for further information. Sorry, this website is only in Dutch).

You can find further information about health insurance in English on the website  (look at the top left-hand corner for the 'English' button)

There is also a downloadable leaflet on health insurance (in ten languages) at

For further advice on the insurance companies offering health insurance you can visit the (Dutch) website

How to take out a health insurance policy

To take out a health insurance policy you have to contact an insurance company. The insurance is valid from the moment you have paid the first premium. You need to provide the following documents to take out a health insurance policy:
an identification document;
proof of residence in the Netherlands;
a declaration from your employer if you live in the Netherlands for work purposes.


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