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  • If you do not speak Dutch and you are looking for a job in the Netherlands, Adams is the first recruitment agency you want to call. The team in Adams is very professional, kind and open. In my experience, I had a very good intake session with one of their recruiters which was followed by a couple of interviews with the company that ended up hiring me. The recruiter who worked with me was always available, extremely professional, but adding to the business relation with me a human touch, which is always very much appreciated. I would like to thank Adams for having helped me find a job in a really short time and would like to recommend it to any foreigners who are willing to build up their career in the Netherlands!

  • Adams is, for me, the best agency ever. The personnel is really professional and they are really efficient: ready to answer your questions and solve your doubts, all with a human and kind touch. I would suggest them to anyone looking for a career. Thanks to them I have found a great job, thanks, Adams! 

  • Working with Adams has been a real pleasure, they are as reliable as they are friendly. With their help I have found a great job within less than one week - that should speak for itself. I can only recommend them to every expat. For me, they represent everything that a recruitment agency should.