Sylvia Lubak

Sylvia Lubak

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Sylvia obtained her BA Degree in International Relations in her native Poland. Driven by a desire to gain more practical experience she already started working as a Recruitment Consultant during her Bachelor studies after which she decided to move to Ireland. During 2 years in Dublin, Sylvia finished her Master studies, graduating from Dublin City University with a degree in International Development and worked as a recruiter. Later, she moved to the Netherlands and joined Adams in 2010.

Sylvia is our Finance and IT specialist and she has developed a knack for being able to fill the ‘unfillable’ vacancies. In 2016 Sylvia became a Senior Recruitment Consultant and gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter.

She loves working at Adams because it gives her the opportunity to develop close relationships with many international businesses in the Netherlands. Sylvia also highly values the flexibility that Adams provides and the fact that everyone here is able to freely express their ideas and thoughts. Meeting talented, competent professionals and multiple clients from various industries is another reason why she enjoys being a recruitment consultant.

In her free time, Sylvia spends time with her family, enjoys travelling and socialising with friends. She also likes reading about international business and politics, personal development and psychology.