Raquel Gonzalez

Recruitment Consultant

Raquel is originally from Venezuela and has lived in Colombia for many years, but she was always attracted to the life in the Netherlands. In 2014 her dream came true and she moved to the Netherlands to do Bachelor degree in International Psychology with specialisation in Organisational Psychology, a field she is deeply interested in.

Raquel joined Adams as a part-time intern in February 2018. Finishing exams, writing a Master thesis and being an intern at the same time was not an easy task, but she worked very hard and in June 2018 started working full time as a Recruitment Consultant! She enjoys working at Adams because the team is motivated to work hard, but at the same time, everyone is very supportive. She loves being in contact with multilingual candidates, because each one of them has their own story and background, making the interviews always interesting. 

Raquel is very passionate about sports! She played football for a very long time, and her week is not the same if she doesn’t go to the gym. Among other things, she enjoys reading about HR trends and learning and development. Raquel also loves to network and hang out with internationals in Rotterdam.