Maureen Adam

Maureen Adam


Maureen Adam was born in the North of the UK in a family of 6 children. She studied Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Bradford and after graduating moved to London where she worked for a recruitment agency for 4 years. Eager to gain international experience, Maureen decided to move to Hong Kong where she worked for different recruitment companies including the Executive Recruitment department of Deloitte.

After taking a break and travelling through Asia and southern Africa for 8 months, Maureen came to the Netherlands in 1991. Initially, she worked for an IT recruitment agency, but in 1997 she started her own business – Adams Multilingual Recruitment. Back then, the Netherlands was just starting to be more international and not many agencies were orientated toward international candidates. Maureen also noticed that there is a room for improvement of services that recruitment agencies offer, both to candidates and clients. There was a space for a new and fresh recruitment company and that is how Adams was born.

Today, Adams Multilingual Recruitment has been in business for over two decades. In 2019 Maureen stepped back from managing the business on a day-to-day basis. However, she continues to be a shareholder of the company and remains in touch with the team, offering the benefit of her knowledge and experience when needed. The Adams team continues the work that Maureen started, running the company that has become one of the top international recruitment agencies in the Netherlands. 

In her free time, Maureen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, visiting theatre, concerts and taking long walks. She also enjoys singing and is a proud member of a pop choir.