Konstantina Mimouli

Konstantina Mimouli

Team Lead

Konstantina comes from Greece, but she moved to the Netherlands in 2012 for her studies. She did a Master’s in Social Psychology at Maastricht University and prior to that had finished Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Psychology back in Greece. She also followed several development courses including HRM and Positive Psychology.

Konstantina has a broad experience varying from market research and sales to pedagogics and management assistance. However, a natural interest in people and the passion to help them grow professionally led her to recruitment.

We welcomed Konstantina on our team in October 2019. She said she immediately felt how genuine people are, passionate and happy in what they do and on top of that have an amazing sense of humor! Moreover, everyone in the team has an international background which she finds very important.

In her spare time, Konstantina not only practices but also teaches yoga! She is very passionate about traveling and also likes running, books and movies.

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