Katherine Granada

Recruitment Consultant

Katherine is originally from Colombia, however, she grew up in Sint Maarten (Caribbean). She then moved to the Netherlands for her study in HR during which she also spent half a year in Taiwan as an exchange student. After her studies, she returned to Sint Maarten to work as an HR contractor at the airport and later as a Client Relations Officer for a business consulting company before moving back to the Netherlands in 2019.

Katherine joined Adams in June 2019 and she really enjoys the diversity of the team and helping employers finding the best team members. Having lived in different countries and being a foreigner herself, she understands the challenges and opportunities that come with living and searching for employment in different countries. 

Overall, Katherine enjoys healthy living. In her spare time, she loves walking on the beach with her dog, reading books on personal development and experiencing life to the fullest. She understands that there is no greater moment than “now”, and she always tries to experience each moment to the fullest and make it the best it can be.