Jennifer Gutknecht

Employee Experience Specialist

Jennifer was born in Jamaica in a Swiss-English family but has lived in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, England and now - the Netherlands. This extraordinary international experience allows her to fully understand job seekers from various backgrounds.

Jennifer started working for Adams in 2010 and throughout the years became a Senior Recruitment Consultant. She specialised in recruiting for Customer Support, Sales, Marketing, Secretarial and Administrative roles. Since February 2020, Jennifer has a new position within Adams, Events and Training Specialist. She loves working at Adams because no day is the same. She likes meeting people from different cultures and learning more about them and what they enjoy. But if it comes down to one thing that really makes working at Adams so special, then she says is the team.

Jennifer has boundless energy and overwhelming enthusiasm. For her - the bigger the challenge, the more fun it is to solve. As a colleague, she is great fun to work with but is also compassionate and caring. Jennifer is a true nature lover. She enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking to skiing, snowboarding and scuba diving (she has logged more than 120 dives!). Her idea of a perfect holiday is being surrounded by nature and simply admiring it.