Annika Mundl

Recruitment Intern

Annika is born and grew up in Bremen, Germany, but she always had the wish to go abroad for her studies. Currently she is in her 3rd year at the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen studying the European Degree Program of Business and Public Administration. She spent her last semester at a College in Canada and now she is doing her internship in the Netherlands.

Annika joined Adams in February as a Recruitment Intern in our Amsterdam office. She likes the international atmosphere, different backgrounds and languages that make Adams team so unique. She felt welcomed since the day one and found everyone helpful, friendly and open-minded. Also, she quickly sae that everyone really loves their job and everyone does their best for clients and candidates.

Cycling is Annika’s passion, so Amsterdam is a place to be for her! She loves traveling and aims to always travel to places she hasn’t been before in order to see as much as possible from the world. In her spare time, she spends time with her friends and family and enjoys company of cats, another cat lover in the office!