Alessia Di Giacomo

Recruitment Manager

Alessia first came to the Netherlands as an exchange student during her Master’s studies in Science of Information and Communication in Italy. After graduating Cum Laude she decided to stay in the Netherlands and look for a job, which she found with Adams in 2007! She started as a Junior Recruiter but worked her way up to Recruitment Manager, managing a team of Consultants since 2012, and is an indispensable part of the Adams team.

Alessia handles both managerial and operational tasks, specialising in Operations, PA, Admin Support and Marketing. She has a proven track record in leading projects and creating new teams for her clients, which see her as a trustworthy and honest partner, rather than an external recruiter

In her work, Alessia always sets the right expectations from the beginning as she believes you should only promise what you can deliver. Alessia also strives to develop positive relationships with her candidates - nothing makes her happier than seeing a candidate progress within an organisation.

Alessia's greatest strength is empathy and a natural feel for people. She loves the dynamism, variety and fast pace that the recruitment industry offers. Alessia always strives to create a healthy, positive and collaborative atmosphere in her team, she also loves to motivate and energise everyone with her contagious enthusiasm.

In her free time, Alessia cherishes physical activity – mainly zumba, running, yoga and hiking. She is also an avid traveller who enjoys literature and music.