5 Content writers placed in 2 days for a company in the tourism industry

5 Content writers placed in 2 days

Our client, a well-known name in the tourism industry, gave us a challenging task: for a high-season project the company urgently needed several Content writers fluent in English, German, French, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish or Polish language. They needed people who were immediately available for the following 2 months. The company was already advertising jobs and had internal processes set to attract as many people as possible. However, due to the short deadline, the client did not have the time to meet the candidates personally. Our consultants had to make sure that they knew the candidates very well before they introduced them to the client.

But our recruiters love challenges! Within 2 days, our consultants introduced more than 20 suitable candidates with the requisite skills and the right type of personality for this dynamic and diverse company. From the candidates we introduced, 5 received a job offer for roles requiring fluent French, German or Polish language.

The client was very happy with their new, efficient team which assisted in finishing the project well before the assigned deadline. The candidates were the right people recruited at a critical moment and helped the company exceed targets.

If you need a hand with high-volume urgent projects, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than glad to help you grow your business.