Temporary work position

Temporary contract with Adams

What does it mean to have a temporary contract with Adams?

When you ask Adams Multilingual Recruitment to help you find a new job, our recruitment consultants act as intermediaries in the hiring process between you, the job seeker (our candidate) and international companies (our clients) seeking employees in the Netherlands and Europe. 

Our clients ask us to help them find candidates for the most recent vacancies that they have open. They send us job descriptions and relevant information (salary, company culture etc) and ask us to send them CVs and interview reports of multilingual candidates who would be a good fit for their organisation and have the skills that they are looking for.  

If we introduce you to one of our clients and, following the recruitment process, that client offers you a job, they will generally offer you either a position as a 'temporary worker' through Adams Multilingual Recruitment or, a direct contract with the company.

It is important for you to know the difference between the direct hire and temporary work.

Temporary worker -  ie. you have a temporary contract with Adams

Working as a temporary worker through a recruitment agency is very common in the Netherlands. It is often the first step to a long-term career with a company. Alternatively, it could be a short-term arrangement to work on a project or assignment that lasts a few weeks or months. The company will offer you a job performing work for them, usually on their premises, but the company will ask Adams to be your employer and pay your salary.

If you work as a temporary employee with Adams it means that Adams Multilingual Recruitment is your legal employer. You will sign a contract of employment with us and we will be responsible for paying your salary, taxes, social premiums etc. However, you will be performing work for one of our clients. The client will determine where you will work, what hours you work and what tasks you will do even though Adams is your employer. You will need to complete a timesheet weekly or monthly stating how many hours you have worked for the company, have it signed by your manager, submit it to Adams and we will pay your salary and ensure that all the taxes and other deductions are made as according to Dutch laws and regulations.

This is a good opportunity for people to gain experience in differing environments, to diversify their skill-set, whilst benefiting from the financial security of a work contract. Many of our candidates start their career in the Netherlands working as a temporary employee and after six months or one year go on to work on a 'direct hire' contract with the same company.

If you want to know more about your rights as a temporary worker, check ABU. The ABU ensures that temporary agency workers get a collective labour agreement (CLA) and that temporary employment agencies adhere to this CLA and other laws and regulations for example.