Direct hire

Direct contract with employer

What does it mean to have a direct contract with your employer?       

Adams Multilingual Recruitment can help you find your next job. Our recruitment consultants act as intermediaries in the hiring process between you, the job seeker (our candidate) and international companies (our clients) who are looking for new employees in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. 

Our clients ask us to help them find candidates with language skills for their most recent vacancies. They send us job descriptions and relevant information (salary, company culture etc) and ask us to send them CVs and interview reports of candidates who would be a good fit for their organisation and have the skills and language ability that they are seeking.

If you are interviewed by one of our clients and offered a job you can either work for that company as a 'direct hire' (with a direct contract) or through Adams as a 'temporary worker' (also referred to as a 'temporary employee' or a 'temp') with a temporary contract.

It is important for you to know the difference between direct hire and temporary work. 

Direct hire - this means that you will enter into an employment agreement directly with our client. Once you sign the employment agreement with the client, they will be your legal employer and have responsibility for paying your salary, your taxes, social premiums etc.  In this situation, Adams' role is to introduce you to your potential new employer and to facilitate the recruitment process between you and that company.

When you are recruited in this way there are generally two types of contracts that your new employer can offer you: a fixed term contract or a permanent (or indefinite) contract.

A fixed-term employment contract has a start date and an end date. This contract will end on the agreed date without a dismissal procedure. You can have a maximum of 3 successive fixed-term contracts with the same employer, which in total should not exceed a 24-month period. If the company wants to have you as an employee for longer than that, they will have to offer you a permanent employment contract. 

A permanent contract is an employment contract for an indefinite period. This kind of contract has no end date. As an employee, you will have the right to end the contract by respecting the legal or agreed notice period and requirements. These requirements should be stated in your employment contract.  If your employer wants to end a permanent contract – they need to apply for a dismissal permit.

Please note: there is never a charge to you, as a candidate from Adams Multilingual Recruitment. We do not charge job seekers for our introduction and recruitment services. You should not be charged for these services by any recruitment agency in The Netherlands. The recruitment agency has a contractual relationship with their clients and charges the company a fee for a successful introduction.