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We develop a close relationship with our candidates. We aim to fully understand your needs and create a positive experience during the entire recruitment process. We will always go the extra mile in order to make the right match for you. All of our consultants are multilingual internationals who speak native or near-native English plus 2 or 3 other languages fluently.

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Finding a job in the Netherlands


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  • If you do not speak Dutch and you are looking for a job in the Netherlands, Adams is the first recruitment agency you want to call. The team in Adams is very professional, kind and open. In my experience, I had a very good intake session with one of their recruiters which was followed by a couple of interviews with the company that ended up hiring me. The recruiter who worked with me was always available, extremely professional, but adding to the business relation with me a human touch, which is always very much appreciated. I would like to thank Adams for having helped me find a job in a really short time and would like to recommend it to any foreigners who are willing to build up their career in the Netherlands!

  • Adams is, for me, the best agency ever. The personnel is really professional and they are really efficient: ready to answer your questions and solve your doubts, all with a human and kind touch. I would suggest them to anyone looking for a career. Thanks to them I have found a great job, thanks, Adams! 

  • Working with Adams has been a real pleasure, they are as reliable as they are friendly. With their help I have found a great job within less than one week - that should speak for itself. I can only recommend them to every expat. For me, they represent everything that a recruitment agency should.


  • Do I need to pay Adams for helping me to find a job?

    • No. Our service is free of charge for all job seekers.
  • Do you help candidates with obtaining a work permit?

    • As a recruitment agency, we act as a third-party in the hiring process and we cannot facilitate the obtaining of a work permit. 
  • Does Adams help with finding accommodation or have jobs that offer accommodation?

    • We do not assist with finding accommodation and very rarely work with companies that provide jobs with accommodation, but we can point you in the right direction of organisations and communities that may help you. 
  • Do you have jobs in agriculture or warehousing?

    • Most of the jobs we work with are office-based jobs for highly educated internationals. 
  • Does Adams consider candidates living abroad?

    • Only in special circumstances. Usually, we can only consider job seekers that are already located in the Netherlands or willing to move very soon and have an EU passport or a valid work permit. 
  • Can Adams help me with writing my CV?

    • You can read our blog post How to write a perfect CV where you will find many useful tips & tricks that will help you write a great resume. Additionally, we organise Speed Interview events where you can ask a recruiter more specific questions regarding your CV. 
  • Do I need to speak Dutch to get a job?

    • Most of the vacancies we have are aimed at internationals fluent in English and other languages. We do offer some jobs where fluency in Dutch is a requirement, but you can definitely find many opportunities without speaking Dutch. 
  • Do I need to make an appointment for an interview?

    • Yes, you need to arrange a date and time of an interview with your recruitment consultant. 
  • Do you organise events for job seekers?

    • Yes, we do! We regularly organise Speed Interview events and various workshops in order to help those looking for a job. Keep an eye on our website and social media for upcoming events. 
  • What happens when I apply for a job via your website?

    • After you applied for a job with your updated CV, the consultant handling the role will compare your skills and experience with the job requirements. Due to the high number of applications we receive every day, it is not possible for us to give a personal response to every applicant. If you have not received a response from us within 5 days of your application, it means that the application was not successful. 
  • What do you do with my information?

    • When storing and processing your personal information we rigorously apply all GDPR measures to ensure your private data is properly protected. You can find more information in our privacy policy
  • How quickly will you contact me after registering?

    • This depends on the type of vacancies we currently have and how well your skills and experience match them.
  • Do you help candidates to relocate?

  • Can you help with the application for 30% ruling?

    • We cannot apply for the 30% ruling for you. Your employer should be able to assist you with the application. However, if you need further assistance, there are many English - speaking tax advisers in the Netherlands who will be able to help you (for a fee). For more information in English about the 30% ruling, you can visit the Belastingdienst website
  • What are the standard secondary benefits in the Netherlands?

    • Secondary benefits usually include 23-25 holiday days, 8% holiday allowance and in some cases reimbursement for travel costs. 
  • When an interviewer asks about my salary indication, do they mean net or gross?

    • The salary indication should be given in gross terms. If you give a yearly salary indication make sure to include the holiday allowance as well. ​