A guide to employer branding during a global pandemic



These are uncertain and unprecedented times for everyone, including both employees and employers. However, one thing that certainly will make a difference to a business’ survival, when things do return to normal, is a company’s ability to pitch itself as somewhere that candidates still want to work and apply. 

The nature of employer branding will often differ depending on the industry and what potential employees value as important but, in any case, is essential in attracting the right kind of person to the right kind of job. 

Of course, there are definitely more important things happening in the world right now. However, this rare moment of complete pause gives businesses, and individuals, the perfect opportunity to reflect on the current state of their company. Are their employees happy? Could they be doing more? How can they attract new talent when this is all over? The work that they put into rebranding now could still have a positive impact in the future. 

This article will help to break down what employer branding is as well as how it can be improved, through things like employer value propositions, even during these times of global crisis. 

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